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What this website offers


This website is for all those who work in the foundation years delivering services for children and families going through pregnancy or who have children between the ages of 0 and 5.


The broad range of information accessible on this site was developed by government, professionals and the voluntary and community sector, and aims to:

  • Set out the direction of travel for all those who work in the foundation years;
  • Answer any questions you have – specific or general; and
  • Direct you to other resources which can help you.


The website will evolve over the coming months as you add to it by sharing case studies and examples of what works well, and participating in discussion groups; as well as through resources that are co-produced being added to the site. Please do let us know if there is anything this website and its linked resources do not answer for you, and we will be happy to help find the answers you need.


If you have a query or an issue to share, post it via foundations@4Children.org.uk to get discussions underway.


Supporting Families in the Foundation Years


We all know that parents play a crucial role in supporting their child’s development. We also know that one of the most valuable resources that children and families have during the foundation years are the professionals who support them. This site aims to bring together information from many sources that will help you to support children to develop and flourish and to put into practice the vision for Supporting Families in the Foundation Years.


The Supporting Families in the Foundation Years document sets out what you need to be thinking about and doing to give children and their families the support they need at the earliest opportunity in the foundation years. The document was developed jointly by the Department for Education and the Department of Health and marks a significant milestone in early years – bringing together education and health in a strategic document. It sets out a direction of travel for all of us who work with young children and their families; asks critical questions of us in relation to ways forward for our sector; and is based on strong national evidence and research (see the Families in the Foundation Years Evidence Pack).


Shared aims


The focus throughout the document is on child development. This is so that by the age of 5, all children are ready to take full advantage of the next stage of their learning and ready for school – as a result of carefully crafted support given by the professionals they have interacted with during their learning and development journey from pre birth to age 5.


The importance of the role that families play in supporting young children is a key influence in children’s development. This website highlights how professionals can work with parents and families.


Early intervention is vital to secure the best possible outcomes and as such, careful consideration by all professionals working together is required to ensure the best possible support is available. The new core purpose for children’s centres has at its heart early intervention. Strong building blocks to cement early intervention are the Healthy Child Programme and the Family Nurse Partnership Programme.


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