Making It Happen – Introduction

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Mother laughing with baby


There is a huge commitment to improving the take up of free early education and childcare.


You need to communicate to mums and dads in your local community to ensure that they are aware of their entitlements for early education and childcare.  In particular it is important that you reach out to families who are vulnerable and or have more complex needs.  To help you do this, the partner website Families in the Foundation Years is designed to support parents in knowing these rights and in making the best choice for their child and circumstances. Please share this website with your parents.


There are plans to make free early education more accessible to the children and families you support.  There will be a consultation this autumn around the conditions relating to the code of practice and the free entitlement. This will involve an online consultation as well as various consultation events taking place in November and December around the country.  Take part!

Come back in November to find out more about the early education consultation and the school funding arrangements.

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  1. helen harper, February 23, 2012
    We are an 'Outstanding' rated nursery situated in a rural area and we have sadly noticed a huge decline in the take up for free sessions by our 3yr olds. This is due to government cuts in our bus service as buses no longer run directly into our village so our amazing nursery has been cut off to those families that need us most.

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