Partnership Working – Integration

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young girl learning from teacherAs professionals working in the foundation years, we all do our bit by taking on the responsibility of partnership working with our colleagues in health, social care and early years services to support better outcomes for children and families.


Partnership working, integration and co-production are core principles in the work of the Early Years and Childcare Strategic Partnership and this website. Co-production is the name given to professionals from across the sector working with recognised experts and cross-department government policy makers.


For partnership working to be successful, professionals must be active in working alongside, sharing expertise and knowledge with colleagues. Partnership working is everyone’s responsibility – so all of us need to think about how we can initiate working together.


Crucial steps to successful integrated working are local systems that bring services together and the sharing of information. Effective information sharing promotes a common understanding of need, assessment and referral systems.


Reflective questions:


How do you promote active information sharing?


Which colleagues do you working partnership with and how do you measure the impact of your partnership working?


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  1. suzanne turnbull, November 22, 2012
    For some unknown reason, I have keyed into your search field : parents guide to the early years foundation stage and it does not come up. I have tried to access it via google search instead. It came up but I cannot save it. I thought it would be really useful to give out to parents but am unable to download it.
    • 4Children Early Years Team, November 23, 2012
      Hi Suzanne - have you tried clicking on "download Parent's Guide to the EYFS here: If that doesn't work, we can send you a copy - just email and make reference to this post, and we'll send over an email.

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