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Health Workforce


Health professionals have all undergone specific clinical training in theory and practice to meet the standards required by their particular health specialism. The Department for Health is working with health and care partners to establish a more collaborative, multi-professional and multidisciplinary approach to planning the work force.

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Father holding children Early Education and Childcare Workforce


The government commissioned Professor Cathy Nutbrown to investigate the qualifications of the workforce as part of an independent review. The final review, Foundations for Quality, was published in June 2012 and is available here.


The government has also asked CWDC  to review the Early Years Professional Status standards.


All those involved in delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage need to be clear that, regardless of their role, they are teaching children to develop their cognitive, behavioural, physical and emotional capabilities that will in turn support children to be ready for school and future learning opportunities.

Reflective question:


We are all learners – what are you doing to further your learning about working in the foundation years?

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Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) – First National Survey of Practioners with Early Years Professional Status



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  1. Dr. len Almond, November 17, 2011
    This is a welcome consultation especially for Physical Development and Physically Active Play. Out of 36 workshops with early years practitioners not one has had any initial training in how to develop physically active play in early years. At present Physical Development is an optional module. Every time this is raised nothing happens. We have for the first time UK Physical Activity Guidelines in the CMO report 11th July 2011 but there is no indication that this will be acknowledged.
  2. jenni stapleton, March 6, 2012
    I agree that practitioners have had a lack of training in how to promote and develop physically active play. As a practitioner I would welcome the opportunity to attend training in this area.
  3. D spall, March 25, 2012
    I was really sad to hear the press release about the skills of early year’s staff over the weekend. Most of us work very hard and for very little reward. Settings are already running on the good will of staff so it would be nice to have the governments support for a change. Over the last few weeks the government has already shown its lack of understanding for the pressures we are under to provided the best for the children in our care. Pre-school budgets are very small we don’t have the money to print out copies of the new EYFS, we cannot afford to take out a loan as suggested by Sarah Teather and we cannot continue to fund staff training and cover at the expensive of not having that professional persons skills in place for the children. It’s time for the government to show some form of support for the professionals already working in this sector rather than undermining us and our roles with parents etc. Funding is needed so that staff can have time to improve their settings and time to attend courses that inspire teaching. Even the most qualified person still needs to be inspired and that is what is currently missing from our sector. The example of reading given over the weekend is a prime example anyone can read but it takes practice and being inspired to read that inspires children.
  4. Tara Wheatland, May 10, 2012
    It is alright to be offering this training but where is the money going to come from to pay for it? With ever decreasing budgets across the board in Early Years settings it is really difficult! The only way we manage is by the good will of other teachers and early years professionals that are willing to give up their time to share good practice but sometimes even this is difficult due to lack of time-the Government need to look at funding if we want more highly skilled early years professionals!!
  5. maureen, September 15, 2012
    do we know when the government are due to respond to The Nutbrowns Review?

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