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Parents Early Years and Learning Activities - resource coverTo support practitioners in developing parental engagement in children’s early learning, PEAL training materials and resources have been produced to support you in developing parental engagement in their children’s learning. These materials cover topics such as relationships, communication and partnership.


You have an important role to play in ensuring that parents are ready for  the next stages in their child’s development.

  • In your local area lead a parenting campaign to raise awareness of the importance of the relationship that  mums and dads have with their children on future outcomes.
  • ‘Parent Readiness’ will mean that mums and dads will know, from those to whom that they trust their child’s development, that they will be guided as to what to do to support their child.
  • Talk to Your Baby provides lots of interesting and useful ideas for you to share with  parents in helping their  interactions  with their children.
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  1. Rose Vallance, May 3, 2012
    Is the Parents, Early years and learning activities document downloadable? I can't find an icon. Thank you.
  2. Lisa, September 18, 2012
    Are the parent materials available in languages other than English?

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