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Childcare Works has created a special programme of LED events for providers focusing on 30-hours.

The events will be delivered in partnership with the Foundation Years Team at Action for Children.

The audience for these events is all types of early years and childcare providers including chains, children’s centres, schools, childminders and local authority officers working with providers, business support officers, and partner roles in other organisations.

Aims and objectives:

  • Learn 10 useful steps to support your planning for the extended entitlement
  • Explore the policy, the entitlement and flexibility in the suggested delivery model
  • Debate and discuss the opportunities and challenges in the extended entitlement
  • Explore business models, tools and techniques which will support your planning and long term sustainability
  • Learn from how flexibility and the extended hours are being offered now
  • Debate and discuss your initial thinking
  • Learn information to help develop your implementation plan

For more information and to book your place please follow the appropriate link below:
London 21st November
Birmingham 23rd November
Leeds 24th November
Manchester 28th November
Taunton 30th November
Newcastle 5th December

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