30 hours childcare

In June 2019, the Department for Education launched a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of 30 hours childcare, with a focus on lower-income families.  

DfE data shows that awareness of the 30 hours offer is lower among lower-income families. To help address this, they created:

30 hours promotion

30 hours case study – Chelsea, Telford

Chelsea from Telford shares her story of how using 30 hours childcare allowed her to return to work earlier and spend more quality time with her daughter Esmae.

30 hours case study – Florentina, Brent

Florentina from Brent shares her story of how 30 hours has allowed her to increase her work hours while her son Erik, who has special educational needs, received speech and language therapy through his nursery.

30 hours case study – Debbie + Jamie, Devon

Debbie and Jamie from Devon share how they could only afford childcare for one day a week before taking up 30 hours. Their daughter now attends pre-school five days a week and they can now both work full-time.

30 hours case study – Murugan, Brent

Murugan from Brent explains how receiving #30hours free childcare for his son Rujen, brought “great financial relief” to his family.

30 hours case study – Letesha, Derby

“It has helped us financially to do more things together as a family”. Letesha from Derby shares her story of how 30 hours helped bring her family closer together.

30 hours case study – Claire, Leeds

Claire from Leeds shares some of the benefits she’s found since taking up 30 hours including how “it helps give you back your independence and not just being a mum all the time”.

How to apply for 30 hours childcare and Tax-Free Childcare

This short guide for parents sets out the steps to apply for 30 hours childcare and Tax-Free Childcare.