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In June 2015, the government introduced the Childcare Bill to bring in 30 hours of free childcare for employed families of 3 and 4 year olds. We will be hosting all resources from the DfE on this childcare offer here as they are made available.


Case Studies and FAQs

The Department for Education has published a case study pack which shares good practice from the sector in preparation of national implementation and an updated FAQ document. The case study pack and FAQ can be found here.

30 Hours Childcare: Operational Guidance

The DfE has published an updated Operational Guidance on how local authorities (LAs) and early years settings should provide the early years entitlement.

The guide sets out:

  • what LAs should do to fulfil their statutory responsibilities
  • what early years settings should do to fulfil their agreement with the LA
  • how LAs and early years settings can support parents and children


Early Implementation Evaluation

The DfE has published an evaluation of 8 trials of the 30 hours early education entitlement and the early innovators programme. The research looks at:

  • if there were enough available places
  • the use of the entitlement by parents
  • effects on childcare use and parental work

A slide pack to go with the evaluation can be found here.

Important Information on Verifying 30 hours Eligibility Codes

As we head towards national roll out of 30 hours free childcare for working parents, we are pleased to see thousands of providers that are supporting the delivery of the offer and ensuring high quality childcare will be available to working parents across the country. There has already been great success across the DfE’s 12 early delivery areas, which are now providing 30 hours places to thousands of eligible children.

In these crucial weeks before September, the DfE urges you to please make sure that parents bring you their eligibility codes well before 31 August, otherwise parents may miss out on a September place.

Please then verify those codes by either validating them yourself or contacting your LA as quickly as possible. Please direct interested parents to Childcare Choices website to find out if they are eligible.


Childcare Works LED Presentations May 2017

In May 2017, Childcare Works held Learn Explore Debate events for providers focusing on 30-hours. This round of LED events included presentations by Early Implementers and/or Early Roll Out local authorities.

The presentation from these events can be found here.


Childcare Works LED Events May 2017

Childcare Works has created a special programme of LED events for providers focusing on 30-hours. The events will be delivered in partnership with the Foundation Years Team at Action for Children.

This round of LED events will include presentations by Early Implementers and/or Early Roll Out local authorities. We hope this will provide you with the opportunity to learn from their experiences, challenges and solutions.


30 Hours Eligibility Infographic 

The DfE has published an infographic for providers highlighting the process of confirming eligibility and validating a 30 hours eligibility code.

Operational Guidance Published

The DfE has published the early years entitlement operational guidance for local authorities. This purpose of this guidance is to help local authorities and providers understand in more detail the DfE’s expectations about how the free entitlements should be delivered.


Presentations from Childcare Works LED events – March 2017

Childcare Works recently held a number of special LED events, in March 2017, for providers focusing on the 30 hours childcare offer. The presentations from these events are now available here.


Free Early Years Provision: Model Agreement

The DfE has published a model agreement outlining the information local authorities should include in their agreements with early years providers.

The model agreement is for:

  • local authorities
  • early years providers, including:
    • early years providers and childminders registered on the Ofsted early years register
    • childminders registered with a childminder agency that is registered with Ofsted
    • independent schools and academies taking children age 2 and over and which are exempt from registration with Ofsted as an early years provider


DfE FAQs on 30 hours entitlement 

The Department for Education has published a number of important resources on the 30 hours childcare entitlement. These include a one-pager on Eligibility and a Frequently Asked Questions document.


Childcare Works 30 Hours LED Presentations

Childcare Works recently held a number of special LED events for providers focusing on the 30 hours childcare offer. The presentations from these events are now available here.


Early Years National Funding Formula

The Department for Education (DfE) has published its government response to the consultation on early years funding reform, including the introduction of an early years national funding formula. The response and a handy factsheet can be found here.


30 Hours Childcare Early Implementers

DfE recently spoke to parents in Wigan who have taken up a 30 hours place for their child as part of the early implementer programme, to find what the additional hours have meant for them.


Business Sustainability Package

 DfE have launched a package of online support materials to help providers make sure their businesses remain sustainable, including:

  • a document of key insights from successful providers;
  • case studies of efficient business practices;
  • guidance on marketing, managing finances and business planning;
  • an online directory of organisations that can provide business and finance support.


Partnership Toolkit

If you’re considering working in partnership to deliver 30 hours childcare, the Department for Education and the Family and Childcare Trust have developed a new toolkit to support partnership approaches. The interactive toolkit contains practical advice, guidance and case studies.